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Speaky Spokey


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  • Me Throw Me Corn But Me No Call No Fowl

    Joy and Gary are on a date at Maxine's when she bumps into Patrick, a childhood friend. Gary orders a taken-aback Joy not to see Patrick again and presents her with the promise ring. Novelette offers Joy an apprenticeship at the salon and is surprised when her sister says she has to run it by Gar...

  • Mouth Open Story Jump Out

    Starr's secret that she was adopted by a white family is finally revealed when her mother comes to the salon, unannounced. Meanwhile, Joy falls for Gary and lies to him in front of Dre about being the owner of her sister's salon. When Gary visits Letty's Joy is forced to lie in front of a steamin...

  • A Mother of a Day

    Mrs. Campbell has come all the way from Jamaica for Novelette's birthday, a surprise orchestrated by Joy, only she's two days early and full of complaints! Meanwhile, Nigel and Starr are getting closer, and as a result, he breaks up with his girlfriend Nikki, but everything changes when Nikki arr...