Da Kink In My Hair

Da Kink In My Hair

2 Seasons

Da Kink in my Hair follows the lives of a group of women who let their hair down in more ways than one at “Letty’s”, a vibrant and bustling hair salon in Toronto’s Caribbean community. Novelette, Letty’s smart and sassy owner, has the answers for her clients’ dilemmas but can’t always figure out how to tame the tangles in her own life surrounded as she is by her zany sister Joy, her fourteen-year-old born-and-raised in Jamaica son Dre and her family of stylists including the wide-eyed new girl Starr and the wicked-tongued bad boy Nigel. The series filters its stories through the quirky, ironic, irrepressible humor of the Caribbean community while using its salon setting to tackle universal themes: what we all really talk about, cry about, and laugh about when we feel free to be ourselves.

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Da Kink In My Hair
  • Everything in Its Right Place

    Episode 1

    With a new man in her life, Letty is finding it hard to balance motherhood, the shop and her clients - especially without Joy and Nigel around. Over at Claudette's, Joy tries to change herself in order to fit in to the cold, sterile environment. Her Joy "ness" is hard to quash, especially in the ...

  • Looks Can Be Revealing

    Episode 2

    Letty's mentor, Pops, arrives at the shop in need of a favor - to give his grandson, Malik, a job at Letty's Salon. Letty is hesitant; Malik looks like a true thug. Joy is against this idea from the start. Meanwhile, Starr is trying to find an acceptable gift for her mother's birthday. When Malik...

  • Of Papers and Patois

    Episode 3

    Starr oversees some shop repairs, but has trouble trusting the Caribbean work crew with their seemingly haphazard work practices - they don't even have a permit! However, Starr's lack of trust ultimately causes more trouble as she attempts to take on the work herself. Meanwhile, Joy studies for h...

  • Forced Ripe Mango

    Episode 5

    Letty and Richard decide it is time to take their relationship to the next level and go away for the weekend. However, when Thea, Richard's wife, comes into the shop to ask Letty to leave Richard alone, Letty has second thoughts about dating a separated man. Meanwhile, Starr has her first date wi...

  • Licks!

    Episode 6

    Letty is extremely pleased with how well Dre is doing in school, so pleased she lets the whole salon know it. However, when Dre's friends lead him into trouble with the law, Joy and the shop clients want to set him straight with a few "licks!" Meanwhile, Starr is coping with pressures of her own,...

  • Honesty the Best Policy?

    Episode 7

    Letty seems to be effectively balancing motherhood, work and her relationship with Richard. Letty's ducks are finally all in a row, until Cedric walks in - Dre's father and Letty's ex. Meanwhile, Joy, using Starr's power of positive thinking, receives an unexpected "windfall" from a bank machine ...

  • Empress of Eglinton

    Episode 8

    Joy decides things need to change in the shop - she deserves respect - it's high time that Letty made her a partner. Joy is surprised to find Letty is open to her demand. However, Joy soon finds out respect also comes with an R-word that she doesn't like as much - responsibility. Meanwhile, Starr...

  • Computer Love

    Episode 9

    When Starr introduces a computer to the shop, scheduling appointments is the last thing Joy wants to use it for. Instead, Joy finds herself on a Caribbean Internet dating site, where both she and Starr set up profiles with the hopes of meeting their true matches. While they are at it, Starr and J...

  • Black Cake, White Cake

    Episode 10

    Letty and Starr's mother, Jackie, co-host a birthday party for Starr. Unfortunately, the heads of Starr's "two families" butt heads over how to throw the party. Starr, fearing her "two families" will embarrass her in front of the other, does her best to keep them apart. Meanwhile, Joy is certain ...

  • Coming Out of the Closet

    Episode 11

    Letty and Joy must convince their landlord, Sanjay, an overprotective South Asian father, to let his daughter, Nira, date Dre. Cultures clash as the West Indies meet the East. Meanwhile, Starr must prove herself to Julian's traditional West Indian mom over lunch. With some advice from Malik, Star...

  • Pardnah Me?

    Episode 12

    Just when things get hot for Starr and Julian, Julian drops a homophobic bomb, leaving Starr to decide between ecstasy or integrity. Does love really conquer all? Meanwhile, Joy starts a pardnah (West Indian-style banking) group. The shampoo hits the fan, when the pardnah money goes missing. Tief...

  • Oil's Well That Ends Well

    Episode 13

    Claudette, Novelette's chief competitor and the bearer of bad news, has put in an offer for Novelette's building. Now Letty must raise $50,000 to stay and that's just the down payment. How is she going to raise the money? Joy has the answer, a fundraiser featuring a pageant of hunky oily men and ...

  • Playing Social

    Episode 4

    Dre, embarrassed by the way Joy dresses and acts, asks Novelette to attend his school's culture day in her place. When Joy finds out, she enlists Starr's help to make her more Canadian. Meanwhile, Starr is appalled Letty is using chemicals on a child. Starr refuses to use chemicals and wants Lett...