Je'Caryous Johnson Collection

Je'Caryous Johnson Collection

Je'Caryous Johnson Collection
  • Men Money & Gold Diggers

    Caleb Peterson has it all - the looks, the money and the women. All he wants now is real love, which he hopes to find with former super model, Paisley Terrell. They're all set to get married as soon as she signs the prenuptial agreement. There's just one problem; "Paisley don't do pre-nups!" Can ...

  • Whatever She Wants

    Tired of unfulfilling relationships, Vivian Wolf starts her own social club where men have to be able to give women whatever they want in order to qualify as a member.

  • Friends and Lovers

    Friends and Lovers tells a story of two sets of best friends: Leonard and Tyrel, and Debra and Shelby. Leonard meets Shelby and Tyrel meets Debra. The two couples fall in love and the challenges abound. When Debra meets Leonard, a successful comedian with complications of his own, she has just go...

  • Cheaper To Keep Her

    Raymond Mays wants a divorce and Morgan Mays wants alimony. When the fed-up judge bangs her gavel, she decides Morgan doesn’t deserve half… she deserves it all; Morgan gets everything— the house, Raymond’s retirement, and some would say even his self-esteem — leaving him with nothing but the tho...

  • Love Overboard

    The S.S. Love & Happiness is the cruise ship known for making romantic dreams come true, but the passengers on this voyage are a turbulent bunch. From the captain, who is more concerned with stalking women than steering the ship and the married couple, Gerald and Patrice, hoping to reignite their...

  • 3 Ways to Get A Husband

    Chastity Moore has suffered her share of heartbreaks and just can't seem to meet the right man. Her mother, Patricia, decides to teach her the woman's secret: three ways to get a husband - love him past his pain, let him be a man, and if all else fails, wait on God. Experience one woman's ultimat...

  • Marriage Material

    When a married couple is ready to call it quits, they always want different things. Esteemed lawyer, Koren Lyles, has been known to slay hearts, but what happens when each of her past romantic casualties end up at a premarital weekend retreat all together?

  • More To Love

    Sister Margo and Karen, along with best friend 'Chelle, were full figured, bootlicious and proud of it. They love hard, laugh loud and live by the code, "the more the woman, the more to love". That is until Margo returns from Chicago with not just a new job, but a new body to go along with it. Ar...

  • The Sin Choice

    Doug Stephens, a high profile defense attorney, has had a life full of infidelity, lies, and deceit. On the morning of the biggest case of his career, he suffers a fatal heart attack. Now on trial for his eternal soul, Doug's life choices will determine if he's destined for heaven or damned to hell.