New Releases

  • Four Seasons

    Xavier Lamar is a 35 year old man who is "almost" ready to settle down with one woman and get married and decides to step into the dating game one more time. His plan is to date a different woman each season of the year and from there he will decide which one he will commit to marrying. His best ...

  • Assistant Motives

    When a young woman accepts a position as a receptionist, she finds herself falling for the boss and entering a world of drama and danger.

  • What Love Will Make You Do

    An attractive successful Atlanta attorney from a prestigious law firm falls in love with a beautiful woman of his dreams, but later discovers her father is seeking revenge against him over a court case gone terribly wrong.

  • Black

    A Senegalese bank-robber born and raised in France is getting over a disastrous heist. As he considers going straight, his cousin calls him from Dakar with an easy opportunity.

  • Newlyweeds

    A match made in stoner heaven turns into a love triangle gone awry when Lyle can't decide which matters most, Nina or Mary Jane.

  • Could This Be Love

    Sandra, a small town country girl, returns home after college to take over the family business, her father's beloved bed and breakfast. Facing an unfaithful husband and dysfunctional relationship with her mother, she finds herself at a difficult crossroads. Everything changes, however, when Terra...

  • Dead Man Running

    Nick borrowed money from a loan shark and he's 4 weeks behind paying it back. His mom has been taken hostage and he now has 24 hours to come up with the money.